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Back Home for Awhile In Indiana

We’ve been back home again in Indiana just over 3 weeks now.  We treasure these precious times spent with many family members and friends.  Seems like we had barely unpacked before we were planning our repacking for the return trip to Haiti in July!

Thank you for your prayers for a vehicle.  We just recently purchased a 4Runner that we believe will be suitable for Haiti.  We’ll drive it to Florida in early July where Dr. Kerry will meet us and help us get it on a boat for shipment to St. Marc, Haiti (about 15 miles north of where we live).  We’ll fly from Florida and hopefully meet up with our vehicle in a couple weeks.  The vehicle also allows us to pack a few more things that we wouldn’t normally be able to take, such as optometric equipment, lots of glasses, auto parts, food items, and small appliances.

We appreciate your continued prayers for us and New Vision Ministry.  We look to the Lord for His guidance as we consider what to do with our Winamac home.  It has outsized us with all the kids making their homes elsewhere, and has become a burden to care for long distance.  In the weeks still remaining in this visit, we look forward to Dennis’ dad’s 90th birthday, Father’s Day, a niece’s wedding and the wedding of our daughter, Allison.

When we return to Haiti, school will be out for the summer so Sara will be able to focus her efforts on the clinic pharmacy and the orphanage.  Dennis will assume some overall ministry responsibilities while the Reeves are in the States as well as continue with scheduled eye clinics.  We will assist with the Student Sponsorship program and work toward the ‘grand opening’ of the new medical clinic in the fishing village.  We look with anticipation to mid-August when Dr. Tom Hatten, Carolyn, and kids will join us full time.  We pray to remain flexible in our plans and scheduling, yet always focused on Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the reason we serve Him.

May God bless you with a great summer!

Because He Lives,

Sara and Dennis


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