More Light Is Always Good!

Just yesterday Sara found a desk lamp to help her read the small print on the package inserts in the clinic’s  pharmacy.  For those of us in the second half of our lives, more light is always good!

A few weeks ago we did a medical/eye clinic in a nearby area, and we immediately noticed that the usual number of people were not present when we arrived.  I asked one of our Haitian translators about that, and he told me that most people were either in the cemeteries celebrating the dead… or fasting.  My friend explained that the evil people were practicing voodoo as part of the Haitian holiday called “All Souls Day”, or “The Day of the Dead”.  At the same time, the Christians and some moral people were fasting in prayer.  Quite a contrast!  (My friend defined “moral” people as those who try to live upright, decent lives, but don’t have Christ – 1 John 5:11, 12)  We had a slow day in the clinic, so our conversation continued…

I asked my friend what percentage of people he thought were in each group.  He estimated that currently about 60% of Haitians practice voodoo, 20% practice Christianity, and 20% are moral.  He said if you go back 30 years or more, the percentages would have been closer to 80% voodoo, 10% Christian, and 10% moral.  I asked him what he thinks is responsible for the change over the past 25-30 years.  He answered by saying “more light”.   He went on to explain that more kids are going to school today, and this has helped to open the minds of the younger generation, and given them more light to see that the darkness of the past doesn’t have to control them.  An ‘enlightenment’ of sorts has been slowly emerging that gives new vision and new possibilities to those who are willing to consider them.  He also said the advancement and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has exposed evil and contributed to these encouraging changes.  Evil is slowly retreating to specific locations, and is not as prevalent everywhere as it used to be.  Many evil families now have a Christian or two in the family.  And even those areas that have been most evil and dark now have churches that are shining Light.

As I listened to my friend’s evaluation of the past 30 years, I was encouraged to hear about the changes taking place in our area of Haiti.  While it sometimes seems as though the gospel is not advancing as quickly as we would like, it’s always good to hear about the differences more Light is making!

One of Satan’s biggest schemes is to “blind the minds of unbelievers so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ” (2 Cor. 4:4).  It’s our greatest desire and prayer that God will continue to shine more Light in this land so that more and more people will see the glory and beauty of Christ!  For once you really see Him, you’re never the same… you’re forever changed!  “Seeing Him is believing Him!”