Home for the Holidays!

We are anxiously preparing for our trip back to Indiana on Dec. 10th.  Many of you may know we have a nice family renting our home until theirs is built.  Thanks to some wonderful friends, family, and church family, we will have plenty of shelter and comfort the entire five weeks we are home.  Our official address is still 730 S. 25 W. Winamac, and we continue to get mail delivered there.  However, we have discontinued our home telephone number (946-6025), so we will be available only by our cell phones, which remain the same as before:  574-225-1045 (Sara) and 765-490-0837 (Dennis).

We will not only visit our kids, parents and siblings, but we will welcome Baby Kale Fenchak into the family some time around Christmas (due date is Christmas Day)!  Andrea and John are awaiting his arrival in Indy.

It’s interesting and very different to observe Christmas in Haiti.  We see very few “signs of the season”, although the hotel where we stay did put up a Christmas tree and a few lights this past week.  While it may seem a little lacking as far as our traditional, American “Christmas spirit” goes, in many ways it seems closer and more real to the first Christmas 2000 years ago.  In a very poor land where the people have no means to commercialize or sensationalize, it’s like the simple stage is set for the amazing miracle of God coming to earth!  We pray that against the backdrop of the long, dark nights of Haiti, this truth will once again burst forth in all its brilliance:  Jesus is Christmas and He is the reason for celebrating!

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible while we are back. We also look forward to sharing more about the ministry here in our next update.  It will be coming soon.  Thank you so much all for your love and prayers.

Merry Christmas!

Jwaye Nwèl!

Dennis and Sara