Back in Haiti

Time again for an update!  We returned to Haiti on January 15 and the time since then has flown.  The precious time we spent in Indiana and Michigan was wonderful as we visited family and friends.  Although we were both ill those first days back, we were able to celebrate Christmas, as well as special occasions in our family. Not having our Winamac home available in which to live was not a problem thanks to dear friends, family and our church.  Our first grandchild, Kale, was born to Andrea and John after Christmas and we were blessed to hold him on his first day of air-breathing life!  Austin will marry Nicole in April, and Erika and Travis announced that they too would bless us with a grandchild in August!  So, our family is growing quickly!

In the time we’ve been back to Haiti, we’ve had visiting teams from Texas, Indiana, and North Carolina.  Another group from Indiana will be here next week. Discipleship training, vehicle service, and construction-related projects have filled these past few weeks.  The long-awaited container(s) from Barbados were finally released Feb. 1, so we’re anxious to see how God will use these items in His ministry!  We thank you for your continuing prayers for us and this ministry.

Family XMas 12-23-12

By far, what we miss the most living in Haiti is our beautiful family.  We took this picture this past Christmas, and the only one missing is our grandson, Kale, who was born just one week later!  Thank you again for your love, prayers, and encouragement.

Together for the Advancement of His Kingdom,

Dennis and Sara