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New Vision Ministries Update

We praise God for providing a one-year lease renewal on our current mission building that houses our children’s home.  We continue to pray about the long-term plans God has for these dear children.  The kids are doing well, and we’re thankful for the progress they’ve made in school this year.

The first duplex for 2 refugee families is finished!

The first duplex for 2 refugee families is finished!

The first of 4 duplexes was finished during February, and the final 3 are now under construction.  They’re projected to be done later this month.  We praise God for how smoothly the construction has gone!

Our buses and pickup have been repaired, and are ‘back on the road again’.  We still have a Ford Excursion that needs heads replaced, so if you know of a Ford diesel mechanic out there who wants to find some warmer weather for a week or so, we have all the parts and tools ready to go.  Just let us know!

Another project of the Indiana team - building bunk beds for the mission

Another project of the Indiana team – building bunk beds for the mission

The medical building partnership we formed with Life Connection last fall is going well as Dr. Tom and Sara are doing medical clinics two days a week, and Dr. Dennis is doing eye clinics 1-2 days per week.  We’re putting together multiple ideas for using the “Community Center Building” that we built last year in the fishing village.  These include moving the English and Creole (literacy) classes there, as well as the Bible studies that have been going on at the fish house.  The Indiana team was able to finish the electrical in that building, and Stephen Byxbe’s medical team did clinics there for two days at the end of January.

The long-awaited container from Barbados was released at the beginning of February.  We’re now waiting to find out how flexible the donors are in allowing us to utilize the various materials, especially the wood and roofing materials. We’d love to use them to finish the many damaged and incomplete homes of our friends and workers.

We know of a few children we would love to sponsor for school this year, even at this late date!  They’ve recently been dismissed from school for lack of payment, but had been attending since October.  If God is leading anyone to consider this need, it takes $200 to sponsor a child.

The fishing program has hit a snag, and we’re presently in the process of restructuring the ministry.  Please pray for us and the fishermen that God would have His way in everything.  The women’s ministry is also undergoing a re-design that we pray will foster a more responsible attitude in each of the women.

Some of these changes are necessitated by the shortfall in donations to the ministry.  We’re trusting God to meet our needs.  Please pray for us as we seek to use the funds we have according to His will for this ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership with us here.  We love you, miss you, and look forward to hearing from you when you can.  God bless you.

For His Name’s Sake,

Dennis and Sara


One thought on “New Vision Ministries Update

  1. Blessings to you! So touched to read all these previous entries and see the pictures of places and people I know from having been there! So excited to know God is using you in so many ways for His kingdom! Our missions conference has been a blessing this weekend. We remembered you in prayer of course, and will continue to do so. Linda

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