Greetings from the Mountains

Pic of us - 2 As we come to the end of our 7th week here at Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM), we want to update you on what’s been going on! We thank God for the clarity and confirmations He’s given us in directing us here to serve with this dedicated team of missionaries. It’s truly an honor and privilege to be part of this mission that takes seriously their goal to glorify God and advance His kingdom by strengthening the churches of Haiti.

With a mission that works with 350 Haitian churches, pastors, and schools, that sponsors 3,000 students, hosts Master’s level pastoral training every two months and a Summer Bible Institute every July and August, operates an 80 bed regional hospital, and maintains a self-help store and restaurant that sells Haitian made products, there’s an enormous amount of administrative work to be done. Keeping track of people, meetings, needs, and all the financial transactions that go with it involves time, computers, and patience, especially when you’re dealing with multiple currencies (including two Haitian currency systems!).

Sara has been working full-time at Mountain Maid, the self-help Haitian store/restaurant that helps to support so many of our Haitian families here in the mountains. Dennis has worked in the operations department, the central administrative office, and provided some eye care. This weekend he was able to get the major pieces of equipment moved into the eye clinic at the hospital. He’s scheduled to begin seeing patients there on a regular basis on July 1.

After living for four weeks in the apartment of a missionary couple on furlough, we moved into our own apartment three weeks ago. It’s been enjoyable, and at the same time, very busy fixing things up and getting organized. We look forward to getting our own batteries and inverter in the next few weeks as we’re ‘borrowing’ the current of our neighbors above us at the moment. We’ll be taking some pictures and getting those out soon.

One of the most rapidly growing ministries of BHM is the camp ministry at Montrouis. We lived in Montrouis for over two years while serving with New Vision, and that’s where we met Chris Lieb, who is also now our BHM director. Chris and his family continue to live at the camp and run that ministry, and God has blessed it in a huge way. We’re rejoicing for the 19 Haitians who trusted Christ this past week as a result of the camp ministry. Please pray with us for these young lives that they will grow deep in their walk with Christ and become part of our local churches.

This week we had a woman from western Nevada with us who sponsors 13 children in our school sponsorship program. This is her first trip to Haiti, but she’s been “part of the BHM family” for many years. It was very encouraging to hear how she and her husband, who is a pastor, have slowly added one child after another over the years as they’ve come across a little money here and there. She’s had a very rewarding and adventurous week visiting most of her students at their schools and homes in the mountains. Education is such a huge blessing in Haiti for those children who are able to go. Among other things, it enables them to read a Bible and discover the truths of the Gospel for themselves.

One of the neat opportunities we have every morning is meeting for devotions with a group of 20-25 of our workers. We open with 3-4 songs of worship, and then one of the missionaries shares from the Word. Everything is in Creole as most of our workers don’t speak English. Right now we’re going through a discipleship series that covers the basics. Dennis had his 2nd opportunity to share this past Friday, and God graciously enabled him to speak well enough to be understood. Probably most are believers, but some are not. This is another group of men and women you could remember in your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to us. God has been so faithful and awesome. We look forward to sharing more of what God is doing here in future updates. Please stay in touch. May God bless you abundantly with His amazing grace and truth!
For His Glory,
Dennis and Sara