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Rejoicing in God’s Amazing Grace

Pastor Edrice

Pastor Edrice

One of the most exciting and heart-warming things we’ve experienced in Haiti has been to see Haitian churches take evangelistic, “missionary” trips to other places within Haiti. We saw that happen twice while serving with New Vision, and we’ve seen it again this past week with one of our BHM churches. One of our favorite pastors, Pastor Edrice, led 40 of his congregation on a 5-day evangelistic trip over 7 hours away to Anse Rouge in northwest Haiti. This is one of the poorest and least reached areas in Haiti. There is much voodoo, and getting there can be quite difficult. Along the way they picked up some older teenage/young 20’s youth from another BHM church, and taught them how to share the Gospel. When they arrived (20 hours later than expected due to their bus breaking down), they went door to door sharing the Gospel to about 900 people of all ages. One hundred five people made professions of faith in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and their names and phone numbers were given to the pastors of our churches in that area. What a thrill to see our Haitian brothers and sisters burdened for their fellow Haitians, and stepping out in faith and action to proclaim the Good News! We praise God for His awesome blessing of this trip, and we look forward to seeing this fire spread to other churches! To Him be all glory!


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