Why We’re Here… This Is It!

National Church Conf 3-15We finished our Association of Churches’ annual National Conference this past Sunday with a beautiful morning service that was broadcast via radio throughout the country. This service closed what many thought was one of the best conferences for many years. The conference was very applicable to where our churches are. Former Field Director, Pastor Rob Baker had the opportunity to begin the conference by teaching on sound doctrine. Other topics taught by various pastors and leaders included institutional development, wise management of resources, entrepreneurship for leaders, use and dangers of technology, Christian education, effective leadership, structure of the church, and the family from a Biblical perspective. Some of the conference speakers were graduates who had come up through this ministry through the churches. All of the topics pointed toward having a stronger church and stronger individuals with good testimonies in order to spread the true Gospel throughout Haiti and the rest of the world. Talking about their responsibility as leaders was also a resounding theme.

It was a great time of fellowship and encouragement. Growing maturity with the ASEBACH executive committee was also seen as they functioned together much more like a team. It was great to see the body of Christ working together for His glory and honor.

Our Field Director, Chris Lieb, wrote this about the conference: “As there is much work to do, I was greatly encouraged to see the fruit of the labor and the continual development of the Church.   I feel we have a stronger base to input into to really see some great changes in Haiti through the church. I really believe that as we continue to help the churches mature that it will multiply the efforts to spread the true gospel throughout Haiti. I keep using “true gospel” because in this Voodoo culture, Satan is a master in twisting the efforts of evangelization into a false syncretistic evangelism. I feel as a mission we are ready to leap forward to do some great things. I know we have many obstacles, but I believe as we continue to purify the mission with our processes and resources, God will provide the produce.”

We thank God for the very uplifting week we had. Through various kinds of education, medical care, child sponsorships, and economic-oriented ministries, we are here to advance the Kingdom of God through the churches of Haiti. We are here to magnify and glorify the Name of Jesus so that all might see and come to Him as personal Lord and Savior. May God be praised!

 Because He Lives!

Dennis and Sara