The Words of Life

Pastor Baker at Pastors Seminars - Feb 2016God has blessed Baptist Haiti Mission in countless ways over the years. From education to medical to economic development to over 350 churches and schools, the ministry has always been centered on proclaiming the Gospel and building strong evangelical churches in Haiti.

One of the things that excites us most is to see our veteran BHM missionaries effectively teaching the Word of God to our pastors and church leaders. Former Field Director for ten years, Pastor Rob Baker, recently conducted 5 pastors conferences in three different regions of Haiti. Edrice at Pastors Seminars - Feb 2016The mission’s superintendent of evangelism, Pastor Edrice Romelus, along with current Field Director, Chris Lieb, and veteran BHM missionary, Kyrk Baker, accompanied Pastor Baker at these seminars. Each one was involved in teaching various Biblical topics. To see 196 pastors and leaders come from 72 of our churches to attend these seminars was very encouraging. We heard that one pastor walked six hours (most of it through the night in the mountains) to attend one of the seminars. Chris at Pastors Seminars - Feb 2016And when the seminars came to an end, without fail, the pastors affirmed how valuable the seminars were and asked for more. They invariably asked when the teaching pastors would be back. They want at least two seminars every year. Their hunger for God’s Word is seen and heard from their hearts. What a blessing it is to see the Word of God going out with clarity and relevance, meeting needs, and encouraging the pastors and church leaders. As the pastors are encouraged and equipped, so are their churches strengthened and built up.

As we witness these pastoral ministries taking place, it encourages all of us here at Baptist Haiti Mission. As the Body of Christ is made up of many members, so the mission staff is made up of members with various gifts and talents. From logistics and administration to mechanics and hospitality, each missionary plays an important role in supporting the ministry of BHM that God has raised up. And to take it one step further, our brothers and sisters elsewhere in this world also have the opportunity to partner with us and this mission by lifting this ministry up in prayer and supporting it with their hard-earned wages. Together we labor while the harvest is ripe and countless souls are at stake for eternity. May God be honored and praised for His amazing plan of reaching the nations for His glorious Name’s sake!
Joyfully His,
Dennis and Sara