Ready or Not

hurricane-matthew-10-3-16We’re preparing for a hurricane.  We’ve been in Haiti for two other hurricanes, but this one is bigger and has greater potential for devastation to this very poor island nation.  We do not fear for ourselves.  We are in sturdy buildings on time-tested mountainsides.  We have enough food and water.  Currently, we have electricity, internet, and phone service. 

Our lack of fear does not come from these factors, however.  Anything tragic can happen at anytime – to anyone – anywhere.  It just seems like a good time to reassure our friends and family that we know our lives are in the powerful Hands of our God.  He has always been in control of our lives, but our assurance came the moment we realized that we are flawed and sinful people and placed our trust in our Savior Jesus Christ for life on this earth and the forever life to come. 

So we are ready.  Ready for Hurricane Matthew.  Ready for the next thing God has for us.  Ready for many years on this planet, or only our next breath. 

Please continue to pray with us.  Pray for the country of Haiti and its people – many of whom cannot say they have the assurance we have.  Pray that they would turn to Jesus in repentance and faith in Him alone who can offer the way, the truth, and eternal life – before it’s too late.