By Sara

In one of this week’s devotional readings from Morning by Morning by Charles H. Spurgeon, I found one of my favorite thoughts. 1 Samuel 7:12 says, “Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying “Thus far the LORD has helped us.”  I love this, not only because I live in a stone house that the Mission has named “Ebenezer”, but because Dennis and I can say with all assurance and sincerity that “thus far the LORD has helped us”.  

Spurgeon writes that it points to the past: “Through poverty, through wealth, through sickness, through health, at home, abroad, on the land, on the sea, in honor, in dishonor, in perplexity, in joy, in trial, in triumph, in prayer, in temptation, ‘hitherto hath the LORD helped us’”!  He then points out that hitherto, or thus far, also points forward. This is not the end. It’s not over. There’s still a ways to go.  “There will be “more trials, more joys; more temptations, more triumphs; more prayers, more answers; more toils, more strength; more fights, more victories; and then come sickness, old age, disease, death. Is it over now? No! There is more yet – awakening in Jesus’ likeness, thrones, harps, songs, psalms, white raiment, the face of Jesus, the society of saints, the glory of God, the fullness of eternity, the infinity of bliss.”

Believers and followers of Jesus Christ have this assurance of what is to come.  On this last day of 2017, consider your relationship with Him. What do you see when you look back? Where is your hope as you look forward?

Wishing you a blessed 2018!

With grateful confidence we raise our Ebenzer!