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Cool Quotes

“Faith begins where man’s power ends.  It does not operate in the realm of the possible.”                                      George Mueller

“Walk in such a way that if God is not who He said He is, you’ll fall flat on your face.”                                            James MacDonald

“Salvation is the awakening of a new taste for God, or it is nothing.  Seeing and savoring His glory is the spring of all endless joy. God is glorified in his people by the way we experience him, not merely by the way we think about him.  One of the radical changes of the heart demanded by the Bible in the Christian life is that we must desire God more than anything or anyone. 

 The aim is that God’s worth – His infinite beauty and desirability- be known and prized and praised in all the world.  This is what we mean by God being glorified.  I want to know the One, and the only One, who is in Himself all I have ever longed for in all my desires to be happy.”      John Piper



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