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Our Story

Dennis & Sara pic-smallerOur journey to Haiti began in 1991 when Dennis went to Christianville, Haiti with an eye care team of six. In the fall of 2009, Dennis met a fellow optometrist, Dr. Kerry Reeves, at a Fellowship of Christian Optometrists conference in Nashville, IN. Dr. Reeves shared at this conference how he had recently moved from North Carolina to Montrouis, Haiti and started New Vision Ministries. Dennis found himself drawn to visit Dr. Reeves.

So, in March 2010 (two months after the earthquake), Dennis and two friends spent a week with the Reeves and were introduced to what God was doing through this ministry. After another trip to Haiti one month later, Dennis realized that God was up to something in his heart, and he asked Sara to consider joining him on his next trip. After much prayer, God opened Sara’s heart to join Dennis in spending 11 days in Haiti with a team of eight in January 2011. During that trip and following, we independently concluded that God was leading us to spend the month of June in Haiti serving with New Vision Ministries. The month of June was significant. When we came home from Haiti at the end of June, we knew God was calling us to full-time ministry in Haiti. Dennis sold his practice at the end of that year, and we moved to Montrouis, Haiti in January 2012.

We served with Dr. Kerry and Joy until that summer when the Reeves were unable to remain in Haiti. Dr. Tom and Carolyn Hatten joined New Vision Ministries in August 2012, and together we directed New Vision for the next 1½ years. In November 2013, God led the Hattens to the decision to close New Vision Academy effective June 1, 2014 and return to the U.S. In January 2014 God led us to join the missionary staff at Baptist Haiti Mission in Fermathe, Haiti. We moved to Fermathe in April, and have been busy serving with BHM ever since. It’s been a wonderful journey of trusting and serving God as He provides for us and directs our paths. We’re so grateful for the privilege we have to be part of His work by serving the people and churches of Haiti.


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